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Club Creo is a hobby club aimed at children who love to do crafts! Our idea is for parents to get varied, inspiring and creative crafts for their child easily and conveniently direct to their home.

The computer, tablet, mobile and TV have become an ever greater part of our children’s lives. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that: they offer an incredible amount of good, stimulating and instructive material. But being creative, working with your hands and making something of your own is also incredibly developing and stimulating. That’s why we want to be a complement to the screen time. Everyone needs to be ‘off-line’ for a while now and then.

Almost all children enjoy crafts, but sometimes it can be difficult to come up with good ideas that feel meaningful. It also takes time to find material in the shop or on the Internet. And you often have to buy bigger packets of things than you need, which means that they are often unnecessarily expensive to buy. So we thought we’d help make it easier for you by offering fun and creative hobby material at a good price – direct to your home.

Our packages have different themes every time and your child will get to try all kinds of inspiring crafts. Each package is well thought-out and contains exactly what you need to be able to make one or more complete things and you’ll never have to think about buying extra material.

Our aim is for your child to be able to do ‘fun craft’ and also try working with different kinds of materials and techniques: things that you may not know how to do yourself or have the time or opportunity to experiment with. It could be, for example, textile printing, decoupage, different kinds of painting, sewing and embroidery, making your own jewellery, working with plaster – well just about any kind of craft. Our blog will also contain inspirational suggestions for crafts for adults. Doing crafts together is a fun way for the whole family to spend time together!

Those of us who run Club Creo have worked with hobbies and crafts for children for more than ten years, and we work together with one of Scandinavia’s biggest suppliers of hobby materials – for top quality and inspiration.

We hope you and your child with enjoy time with us and like our hobby packages. If you are missing any craft theme or are dissatisfies with anything, please get in touch with us. We constantly strive to improve and make sure our customers are satisfied.

“We make it easy and fun to do crafts together!”

A warm welcome!

Club Creo

We care about the planet!

Ethics matter a lot to us here at Club Creo and we care about the environment and human rights. This is why we have chosen to work with one of the biggest suppliers of hobby materials in the Nordic region. They only supply products that comply with REACH standards in terms of quality and the environment. REACH stands for registration, evaluation, approval and restriction of chemicals and is an EU Regulation adopted to improve protection of the environment and human health from risks that can be caused by chemicals.
Our supplier also requires that its suppliers meet internationally recognised minimum standards on human rights, labour law, the environment and corruption under the UN Global Compact, the UN’s guidelines on sustainable business and human rights.

CE marking

All products that require CE marking carry a CE marking. This means that the product meets all the safety requirements in terms of mechanical and physical properties, flammability and migration of certain substances under the Toy Safety Directive (Directive 2009/48/EC).
Paint, clay, glue, felt tips, etc. are examples of this kind of product.

Pause screen time with creative craft!

Try our fantastic welcome package filled with fun and creative hobby material.
It includes six colours of the popular Silk Clay. A clay that is soft and easy to work with and also self-drying. We just love it! As well as the clay, you get a load of other material to make different kinds of figures.
All this for just £5,90!

Get craft tips on our blog!

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