Make trolls and mushrooms out of clay!

24 January, 2019 | Clay modelling, Clay, plaster and polystyrene, Craft kit themes

Make your own fantasy forest with trolls, mushrooms and flowers.

The craft materials in our Welcome Pack are ideal for making clay trolls in different fabulous neon colours. You could make a whole cute little troll family. Make some fun mushrooms out of clay and use pipe cleaners to make imaginative flowers.

Make mushrooms and trolls out of clay

Adding natural materials to your craft activities is fun and creative at the same time.

Go out collecting moss, twigs and leaves and lay them out on a tray. Stand your clay trolls, mushrooms and flowers in the moss and “hey presto”, you’ve made your own magical woodland.  It’s going to look lovely! You could pretend your trolls live next door to Shrek.

If you don’t fancy making trolls, there are lots of other fun designs you could make instead. Whatever you want to make, the main thing is that you’re having fun with crafts!

mushrooms out of clayfor children who love crafts
troll out af clay

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