Inspiring autumn crafts with different materials from home and the forest

16 September, 2022 | DIY – for adults and children

Autumn is, for many, the coziest season. Much because of the pleasant natural colors but also because there is endless space for amusing autumn crafts. We want to share simple crafts that are suitable for the entire family, both indoors and outdoors!

Bake chocolate balls

Baking is a fun activity for the entire family. Even the youngest children can participate in, especially on a rainy autumn day. Bring out your baking bowl, whisk and ingredients and let the baking begin! If the entire family wants to take the opportunity to stimulate creativity, you can, for example, make chocolate balls in slightly different shapes, or pancakes in gingerbread shapes. Let the imagination flow!

Recipe chocolate balls (about 35 pieces)

Butter – 150 g
Granulated sugar – 1½ dl
Cocoa – 3 tbsp
Vanilla sugar – 1 tsp
Water (or coffee) – 2 tbsp
Oatmeal – 4 dl

– Stir together sugar and butter
– Stir in cocoa, vanilla sugar, water and oatmeal
– Form balls (or any other shape of your choice) and roll them in e.g. coconut, granulated sugar or colorful sprinkles. Store in the fridge.

chokladbollar recept

Play adult

Imitating adults is a fun activity that is appreciated by children at an early age. Find a suitable place in your home where the children can run their own restaurant or shop, where family, relatives, neighbors and friends can visit and support the businesses of your small entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to take a nice picture of the children at their first job!

Autumn leave animals

In our last blog post, we recommended several different types of paint and how they can be used. You now have the opportunity to use both acrylic and water paint. Go outside and make use of all the beautiful natural materials. Pick leaves of all shapes and sizes, rinse off your findings and lay them out to dry. Find the colors of your choice (red, orange, and yellow are very suitable for autumn), brush, paper and protective underlay. Use the natural material as a canvas to let creativity flow and use different colors to create animal faces such as fox or lion. When the leaves are ready, you can also cut holes in the eyes so that the children can make a theater with their very own mask of leaves.

chokladbollar recept

Chestnut snails

Chestnuts, play clay, and toothpicks – that’s all you need to create this easy craft in the shape of cute little imaginary snails. Go out into the scenic forest and look for chestnuts among all the forest material, these will be used as the snail’s shell. Mold the snail’s body from clay and break off the toothpicks in the middle and use them as small antennae. We recommend rolling two small balls of clay and put on the end of the eyes to avoid sharp objects in on your crafts.

Play board games or crossword puzzles

Rainy days are perfect for board games. Maybe a game of children’s Alphabet, Memory or why not lay a puzzle? You can find crossword puzzles in either hobby magazines, or through a few quick simple Google searches that you can print out. Light some candles, pick out snacks, fix a cup of hot chocolate and play! Could it get any cozier?

Owls of cones and acorns

Pinecones are a popular decoration commonly associated with Christmas, but with a little creativity, pinecones work as interior decorations all year round. Stand the cone upright and glue it to the acorn with the shell on top. Paint a pair of eyes and cut out a beak from paper or cardboard. If you have the Cluc Creos craft kit at home, you can also check if you have any eyes left over that can be glued on.

chokladbollar recept

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We at Club Creo wish you and the entire family a really cozy autumn!

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