Silk Clay modelling ideas

15 January, 2021 | Clay modelling, Craft kit themes

Silk Clay is really amazing!

We’ve put together some fun Silk Clay modelling ideas. This clay is a hit with all children. It has so many great properties that make it easy for children to be creative.

Silk Clay is very soft and squishable, it is easy to knead and it isn’t sticky. It doesn’t crumble and the colour doesn’t come off so there’s no need to panic if they drop it on the carpet.

It’s self-hardening, which means it dries at room temperature. Once it has dried, it has a smooth surface with a slightly rubbery consistency.

craft ideas for clay characters using Silk Clay
Silk Clay modelling ideas clay modelling
Silk Clay modelling ideas clay modelling
craft ideas with clay kids’ crafts

Creative modelling with magic clay

For more Silk Clay modelling ideas, other than just sculpting the clay itself, you can use it to cover other materials, such as card, polystyrene or wood.

The good thing about the clay is that it sticks to the surface you put it on, so you don’t need to use glue. Roll out the clay with a rolling pin or a glass with a smooth surface and wrap what you want to decorate with a thin layer of clay.

Here we used 3D polystyrene shapes which we covered in clay to make two winged insects.

pyssel för barn pysseltips med lera

The clay has lots of great, creative properties, as outlined above, and it’s an amazingly fun craft material that children can play with and use to express themselves creatively. Once they have the clay in their hands, they can sit modelling it for hours.

In other words, it’s hard to stop crafting once you’ve started! And that goes for adults too.

Use a small amount of clay at a time and put the lid back on the pot in between. If the clay is exposed to air for too long, it will dry out. If it does get too dry, you can mix in a couple of drops of water and knead it soft again.

Creative craft kits for kids

Besides the clay itself, our Silk Clay kit contains googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners and foam shapes, etc. Plenty of decorations to give your models their own personalities. Excellent ideas for fun crafts for kids.


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